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These FAQs are designed to provide a better understand of our Brazilian Carnival Show.


How long is the show?

Our standard show length is 30-45 minutes, of which we perform choreographed and free style Samba Dancing. After which we engage everybody to join us, raising the energy of the party up to the roof. In addition, we take photos with any and all of your guests to help make your event a permanent memory. 

How many dancers/performers are recomended?

It depends on the number of guests, the budget and the size of the venue. However, we give suggestions as follow:

up to 50 guests =  2 dancers or more.

up to 100 guests = 3 dancer or more.

up to 200 guests = 4 dancers or more.

200 guests or more = 4 dancers or more + drummers and/or capoeira.


Note: These are just suggestions. The final decision, of course, is entirely the cliente choice. 

Do you offer all kind of Brazilian entertainment?

Yes. We are a Brazilian company runned by authentic Brazilian people who knows what Brazil is about. We offer Samba dancers with full Brazilian carnival costumes, Drummers, Capoeira men and/or women, Brazilian Band, Brazilian DJ.

How much is the cost of your performance?

The price varies according to distance, length of the show and a number of performers.


Do you provide the music?

Yes, we provide the music in varies form including CD and Ipoid, of which you will need to have a sound system to play it.

We also provide live band, drummers and DJ depending on your budget, in which case there is not a necessity for a sound system.

Where are you based and how far would you travel?

We are based in Los Angeles, California in the United States and we would travel globally depend upon the budget. 

Do you have a more conservative costume?

Yes, we can performe with various kind of costumes. Please go to our photo gallery to check out our costume.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Payment can be made trough:

  • Check 

  • Paypal 

  • Credit Card 

  • Chase Quick Pay 

  • Bank of America Quick Pay

  • Venmo

How do I book your show?

To book our show it requires 30% of the total amount as a deposit of which you will receive an invoice and contract confirming the payment and assuring our performance. The remains amount will be collected right before the performance. 

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